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Sandwich with mushroom breast

Sandwich with mushroom breast

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Wash the mushrooms, cut them into small pieces and fry them in a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil over high heat until the juice is reduced. Add the beaten egg, salt and pepper to taste and mix in the pan with a spatula, mixing the egg with the mushrooms. Turn off the heat and continue to stir in the pan for 1 minute. Toast the bread in the toaster, sprinkle with aromatic oil, rub with garlic. The salad is cut into thin slices, the milk core is cut into slices. Over the toasted bread greased and rubbed with garlic, put slices of milk core, 1-2 tablespoons of paprika, salad dressings, sprinkle with a little aromatic oil. Serve the sandwich hot.

Good appetite!!

What can you do with a can of anchovies

Everyone loves anchovies. It's just that a lot of people don't know that yet. Anchovy can be found in several forms, thus adapting to each type of diet. It is loved by chefs and people accustomed to cooking, due to its unique taste. Anchovy, this small and expensive fish, is not only used for pizza, salads or sandwiches, but also for toppings, sauces, dressings and marinades. Once you choose the anchovy jar, you wonder what you could use it for. Well, let's find out!

Eat them all

Yes, you read that right. You can eat them directly from the jar. If you have chosen the best quality anchovies, you will not be able to refrain from finishing them immediately. The strong taste and silky texture will conquer you instantly. In other words, anchovies are a "strong" food. To remove a little of the salty flavor, prepare a sandwich with tomatoes, vinegar and garlic aioli over which to put the anchovies, or toss them with Manchego and hardened red peppers to prepare pintxos. If you want to use anchovies for breakfast, you can try Schoth woodcock & # 8211 kind of omelet with anchovies.

Pasta with sauce

The smoking process to which this fish is subjected, until it reaches the shelves in cans, causes a decrease in a muscle fiber protein of the fish-myosin. Salt also has a role in this process. Due to the decrease in myosin levels, the meat comes off more easily. This is best seen when cooking anchovies. To create a special sauce, simply grind the fish, fry it in a little olive oil and then add the tomatoes, olives and garlic in turn. The sauce thus obtained can be put over pasta. Another interpretation of a recipe with anchovies and pasta would be a salad obtained from the two ingredients together with pesto and mushrooms cooked with sausages and rattles. Or you can try to include them in the tortellini recipe.

Anchovies in salads

The anchovy dressing will add a salty but special taste to a crunchy salad. Introduced in a dressing, along with mayonnaise, egg yolks and oil, will have a divine taste while the lettuce will get a delicious color contrast. What I just said is Caesar salad, but if you are bold enough, you will find that the salad with green beans, peppers and nuts will be just as good.

More flavorful meat

It may sound strange to some, but adding anchovies to red meat is a great way to cook. If we think about it, it's about the same as adding Worcestershire sauce over meat & # 8211 and it's all done with anchovies.


Anchovies are a good choice when it comes to appetizers, due to their slightly salty taste. If you like the idea of ​​starting your day with a little anchovy, well, you can try bagna cauda & # 8211 a puree made from anchovies, capers, olives and olive oil & # 8211 over a sandwich muffuletta.

Along with a little butter

Butter is a good "partner" for anchovies. It can rise to the taste of fish and blends harmoniously with it. You can combine these two ingredients to grease a slice of toast, or you can go on to a sandwich that contains: anchovies, butter, cinnamon, white pepper, cayenne pepper and nutmeg. You can also replace toast with baked potatoes or steak.

Pizza (obvious)

If you are not a big fan of anchovies placed directly on pizza, you can add flavor to the sauce.

Anchovy next to… absolutely anything

I got to the point where I convinced you of the versatility of this ingredient. I would challenge you to try to add the anchovy to the next dish you are cooking to see what comes out… And don't forget to include sauce or cheese.

Student sandwiches

When you are a student and stay in the dormitory, you eat everything. The package at home is sacred, then you manage as best you can, sometimes with only a pita with mustard. But you think small at that time. I handled a student sandwich. I mean, what was in the fridge. It was really good, the best. And it was ready super fast. And to prepare, but also to eat!
It's the first time I make such a sandwich with toast and it all started with my grandmother. Yes, Grandma. When we stayed on vacation in the country in Salaj, my grandmother used to make us baked bread on the stove, rubbed with garlic and then sprinkled with a handful of oil. That's what it's called. Grandma didn't invent bruschetta, but it was the best snack possible.

Ingredient Student sandwiches

  • buns (I had poppy seeds) but the slices of bagel also work
  • sliced ​​cheese (even melted cheese works)
  • salami or ham
  • lettuce
  • hard boiled eggs
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1-2 cloves of peeled garlic
  • olive oil (optional)

Cut the buns in half and fry them only on the inside in the hot pan (without oil, but you can add a little butter if it is). If we use slices of bagel, we fry them only on one side.

We take them out and rub them with garlic (you can also pour a drop of olive oil, in fact do not ignore this step), then place the cheese over the hot buns (and with a little help the cheese will melt very nicely).

Then place the sliced ​​salami, egg slices and chopped lettuce. Season with salt and pepper and serve breathless.
A sauce next to toast, a mayonnaise, a yogurt, something would have gone well, but there was no time for complications.

  • Breakfast: wrap with spinach and chopped tofu and a glass of vegetable milk.
  • Lunch: red lentil soup, with tomatoes and kale, with toast and hummus.
  • Dinner: sushi rolls with vegetables, miso soup with edamame.
  • Breakfast: pancakes with chickpeas, guacamole and salsa, plus a glass of orange juice.
  • Lunch: vegan quiche tart with tofu, along with sauteed vegetables (like spinach or kale).
  • Dinner: vegan spring packages.

Delicate sandwich with cow tongue

In my opinion, housewives do not pay due attention to a special culinary ingredient in terms of flavor and taste, which can be found in good-looking dishes (which you eat with your eyes), more or less sophisticated. I am referring to recipes that give free rein to the culinary imagination of every housewife and last but not least to dishes that allow the use of ingredients of all kinds (except the main, mandatory, language, which must be purchased) which are usually not missing from the refrigerator or from the house of the caring housewife with her family.

There is an advantage for the main ingredient, in the sense that a large, freshly purchased tongue can be boiled, peeled and portioned / sliced ​​according to the housewife's intention to use the tongue, later, in all kinds of dishes.

What recipes do we prepare in the family from cow / veal / pork? The language of sheep, lamb or goat is also used in the family's preparations. For these animals, the tongue is small and you don't have much to choose from if you want to make a slightly more elaborate recipe. In the end, so as not to complicate things, you leave the tongue of the small animals in the soup & # 8211 lamb / goat borscht.

When you buy whole lamb / goat at Easter and prepare recipes of all kinds, specific to this Christian holiday, the tongue can be used together with the liver, kidneys, heart and lungs to prepare the liver.

When cutting pork into corn, at Christmas, when other types of ancestral recipes are prepared, specific to this Christian holiday, the pig's tongue is boiled together with the other ingredients to prepare the homemade drum. Pork tongue can also be used to prepare meatballs.

Also at Christmas, if you buy separately, the larger cow's tongue / calf's tongue, it is boiled, peeled and smoked together with the piglets for the winter. The smoked tongue can be used to prepare very appetizing sandwiches that are served with mustard on cold, winter mornings, with scallops and mice baked or only with mustard between 2 slices of black bread, at the snack from 5 o'clock children always hungry, blushed by the cold outside and the snow through which they rolled.

What can be made from the juice in which the tongue boils? It would be a great mistake for the water in which he boiled his tongue to be thrown. Strain the juice through a thick sieve and in the clear juice you can prepare a sour soup with potatoes and mushrooms or a shea bean soup.

Ingredients needed in the recipe: a large beef tongue, baguette / buns (well cooked, crispy), lettuce, red onion, bell pepper / capsicum, mozzarella, moldy cheese, garlic, fresh butter, olive oil / rapeseed oil, spices & # 8211 bay leaves, peppercorns, mustard seeds, thyme sprigs, coarse salt, sweet mustard / hot mustard / horseradish mustard.

The secret in the big language ?! If we think a little / keep in mind that animals chew when they feed, we realize that in their tongue there are muscles that develop due to continuous exercise, which makes the tongue a very tender part of the animal.


  • a big cow / bull tongue,
  • lettuce,
  • moldy cheese,
  • fresh butter,
  • mozzarella,
  • favorite mustard.

The tongue of the cow / bull (1.5-2 Kg / piece, the bigger the better) is cleaned of skins and on thick skin it is spoken (only if necessary) directly on the large flame of the stove. The thick skin is cleaned with a wide, sharp blade of a knife, just what has been said, and the tongue is washed under a stream of cold water.

The cow's tongue is boiled, whole, in a pot of cold water, over high heat.

When the water boils, reduce the heat, add the foam formed with a whisk and in the boiling water add coarse salt and spices (bay leaves, peppercorns, mustard seeds, thyme sprigs).

Boiling the tongue takes 2-3 hours (depending on the size of the tongue and the age of the slaughtered animal), at the right heat, with the lid on the pot.

The boiled beef is taken out of the water on a plate and left to cool a little, then cleaned, warm, of the thick skin using a sharp knife to peel the skin of the meat.


  1. Cleaning the tongue of cow skin. Talk on the thick skin side, if necessary. Wash your tongue under running cold water.
  2. Boil the tongue in cold water with coarse salt and spices, at the right heat, for 2-3 hours, with the lid on the pot.
  3. Cleaning the boiled tongue, slightly cooled (to be approached) by thick skin.
  4. Boiled cow tongue slices.
  5. Roast beef slices in a mixture of fresh butter and rapeseed oil / olive oil.
  6. Prepare cold sandwich with cow's tongue, boiled and browned, in a long baguette, with layered ingredients & # 8211 mustard spread on the baguette slices, slices of boiled and browned tongue, cheese with mold, red onion rings, slices of bell pepper, lettuce and above the lid of the baguette.
  7. Prepare hot sandwich with cow's tongue, boiled and browned, in a bun, cut wide, with layered ingredients & # 8211 toast in a mixture of butter and rapeseed oil, rubbed with garlic, thin slices of mozzarella, slices of boiled and browned tongue in a mixture of fresh butter and rapeseed oil, lettuce and on top of the bun lid.
  8. Serve sandwiches.

If the tongue is well cooked, the skin comes off easily with the fingernail and pulling the skin with the fingers of the hand.

The boiled cow's tongue is portioned using a well-sharpened knife into thick slices of a finger. It is sliced ​​in width, the thicker part of the tongue and with meat plus the tip of the tongue (these slices are frozen and will be used in other recipes) and in length (the middle part of the tongue) to be used for the sandwiches in this recipe.

What a wonder! On the tongue slices you can see the structure of the meat, the lines of the meat layers.

The long slices of tongue are browned in the pan, on both sides, in a mixture of fresh butter and rapeseed oil.

While frying the tongue slices, prepare the other ingredients for the sandwiches.

A is being prepared cold sandwiches in a baguette cut in 2, lengthwise.

Grease the 2 pieces of wand with mustard. Housewife, she has nowhere to go and will take into account the preferences of gourmets and gourmets who will later pile up at the table, when she chooses the & # 8211 sweet / hot / with horseradish / mustard seeds mustard & # 8211 with which to grease the pieces of rod.

Over the mustard, put a slice of boiled and browned cow's tongue on a piece of baguette, add pieces of moldy cheese on top, slices of red onion, thin slices of bell pepper and a sheet of lettuce on top. Place the lid of the crispy baguette on top of the layers with ingredients to form the sandwich.

The cold cow tongue sandwich is served in the morning with a cup of black tea / cocoa with milk / black coffee, as an appetizer at lunch or in the evening, as dinner.

At lunch, this sandwich goes with a glass of brandy, and in the evening with a dark beer, served at room temperature.

A is being prepared hot sandwiches with cow's tongue, boiled and browned in butter.

The red bun is cut in half, wide. The thicker pieces of bread are fried in a mixture of fresh butter and rapeseed oil.

On the fried side, rub the pieces of bun with a clove of garlic. The pieces of bun are returned to the pan to brown on the other side.

On the thicker side of the bun, add thin slices of mozzarella, then red slices of beef tongue, warm and lettuce leaves.

Put the lid on the sandwich and leave it in the pan until the mozzarella starts to melt.

It is not mandatory ! If you want, you can add another slice of mozzarella or your favorite mustard and / or red onion slices on the tongue slices.

This hot sandwich is served in the evening, at dinner, with a glass of red wine, next to it.

Good appetite you gourmet brothers and you gourmet brothers everywhere, wherever you are in the world! Do not avoid recipes with the main ingredient as the tongue, the bigger the dish, the more appetizing it will be. You don't even know what you're missing.

Health benefits of the tomato diet

Besides helping you lose weight, The tomato diet has a lot of benefits for your health and the family. Above all, tomatoes contain many antioxidants, including lycopene, that intense red pigment, which we find especially in summer. The high concentration of lycopene and other antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, protects your body from the harmful action of environmental factors.

Tomatoes are also very low in calories & ndash 100 g have only 17 calories! They do not contain fat or cholesterol at all, so they can be included in healthy diets and, in particular, in weight loss diets. Avoid very strict or monotonous diets, only based on tomatoes, but rather try to integrate them into your daily menu.

I've always been fascinated by sandwiches (that's right, according to DEX :), although it seems to me that it sounds peasant) and their history. The sandwich was awarded to a nobleman from & # 8230 Read More & raquo

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The mega-sandwich

The other day was Radu, my brother-in-law's birthday. Because she likes my sandwiches, I thought I'd surprise her by not being able to take her, respectively this sandwich:

Sure, it's a sandwich for 20 people and you can't eat it like you would an ordinary sandwich. It's a good idea for parties with friends. It can still be refined, so, quietly refined. In the meantime, let me tell you what's in the & # 8222monster & # 8221 you see here.

I took a 3 kilogram loaf, black and with seeds.

I cut it into longitudinal slices.

I made a mixture of fatty yogurt, English mustard and a little olive oil. I smeared the base slice with it.

I sprinkled mozzarella over it. valerian, dried and marinated tomatoes. Then I put another slice over.

This was followed by a slice of roasted peppers, hot peppers, olive oil, a reduction of balsamic vinegar.

Then I pulled some mushrooms on the stem. With salt.

I made a sauce from parsley, olive oil and lemon juice.

I fried some chicken breast with salt and pepper. When I put out the fire, I squeezed half a lemon over the meat. Great aroma, wonderful freshness.

The last two floors were with chicken, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and parsley sauce.

Pff! I forgot about the layer with pesto, chickpeas and olives :). Is there.

Egg sandwich & # 8211 breakfast ideas

When Maia leaves for school in the morning, we easily get away with breakfast. Eat cereals with yogurt or milk, most of the time, but also a banana, half at home, half in a hurry on the stairs. This is Maia, a night bird and she doesn't wake up in the morning

When he is at home in the morning, as he is today, he wakes up with different culinary desires. Omelet with mushrooms, egg with spinach, small boiled eggs and yogurt (quail eggs "baptized" since it was just a handful of man), omelet with everything & # 8211 when Daddy is home, because no one does better than he & # 8211 bread in egg and many other egg or milk dishes, including the egg sandwich, which I made today. This type of sandwich is very easy and quick to prepare. It is not pretentious at all. You can put anything in it. I, this time, made them quite simple, because Albert was impatient and I wanted to finish them as soon as possible. This sandwich is a great idea for breakfast. Good & # 8230 I admit that I also prepared it sometimes in the evening!

PHOTO | A man ordered a ham and mushroom sandwich. What was brought to her plate went viral on the internet

A man stopped at a supermarket cafe to eat breakfast. He ordered a ham and mushroom sandwich and was amazed at what was brought to him.

John Geoghegan was shopping at Sainsbury's Store in Stroud, Gloucestershire, when he decided to stop at the cafe inside the supermarket to eat, according to

He ordered a ham and mushroom sandwich, but was amazed at what he received. The waitress brought him two slices of ham bread next to which was a whole, almost raw mushroom.

The man was so funny why it happened to him that he photographed the plate with unique content and posted the image on a social network.

Sandwich received at Sainsbury's & # 8217s store (DEADLINE NEWS photo source)

Video: Επεισόδιο 84-Φιλέτο γαλοπούλα με άσπρη σάλτσα μανιταριών-Turkey fillet with white mushroom sauce