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4 Mistakes We All Make When Cooking for Guests

4 Mistakes We All Make When Cooking for Guests

Setting the Mood

When you’re in host/hostess mode, it’s game time. Oftentimes hosts can get fixated in the kitchen and forget about setting the right atmosphere in the gathering area. Make sure you have your music of choice, volume, lighting, and thermostat set up just right, or designate a wingperson to coordinate for you.

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Forgetting to ‘Read the Crowd’

Did you review your guest list? Make sure you aren’t missing any important information, such as food allergies, small children, or guests with different drink preferences. Having a prepared attitude makes guests feel an extra level of warm welcoming.

Ignoring the Little Things

Sometimes, when entertaining, it’s hard to pay attention to the normal, little things that go under our nose at a dinner party. Don’t forget to have the necessities on hand: extra napkins, salt and pepper shakers, a pitcher of water, and a few spare plates/utensils within close reach. Being prepared on the front-end will allow you to enjoy your gathering even more!

Making it Memorable

Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed making sure each component of your gathering is pitch-perfect. Curating the perfect party is near impossible, but one of the greatest accomplishments a host can conquer is making sure the night was memorable, which can be as simple as a new recipe or easy conversation starters. Check out our feature with Alison Roman on her tips for making the night memorable.

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