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Dessert pancakes with apples

Dessert pancakes with apples

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Put the flour in a deep bowl. Add salt, eggs gradually and dilute with milk. Mix well and let it rest for 30 minutes.

After this time, add the melted and cooled butter, grated apples, sugar and cinnamon.

With a spoon, put the composition in the hot pan.

If it is a Teflon pan, it should not be greased, the butter in the composition is enough.

Formed in this way, small pancakes quite thick - for a perfect shape, you can use stainless steel circles.

Bake them on both sides.

Serve them warm, with powdered sugar on top.

For the dough:

Sugar - 1 tbsp + 50 g posypku

For the filling:

Raisins (closed) - 1.5 tbsp

Olive oil - 1 tbsp

meatless recipe for homemade pancakes with apple filling. Pancakes cooked on a liquid yeast dough, without milk and eggs.

What could be more pleasant than to start your day with a portion of pancakes, especially when you know that you do not violate the caloric restrictions imposed by the diet? This delicious recipe with only 170 calories per serving also brings vitamins and fiber to the body, being a healthy version of a fruit dessert that anyone can indulge in from time to time. In addition, he is also full, so you will not feel the need to eat too much until the next meal. A portion of pancakes can be transformed into two consistent and tasty snacks, thus replacing more unhealthy products such as chips, pretzels or soft drinks.

Preparation time: Ten minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Servings: 6-8 pancakes for 2 people

- 1 egg with the yolk and egg white separated
- 25 g of flour with growth agent
- 25 g of whole grains (oat flakes, for example)
- a teaspoon and a half of sweetener (or to taste)
- half a teaspoon of cinnamon
- 75 ml of soy milk
- 75 g of grated berries or apples, finely chopped cherries, cherries, etc
- cooking spray.

Method of preparation:

1. In a clean bowl, beat the egg white with a little salt until it becomes hard (if you turn the bowl upside down, the egg should remain firm and not leak).

2. In another bowl, mix well the yolk, flour, cereal, sweetener, cinnamon, fruit and soy milk.

3. Using a metal spoon, slowly add the egg white to the composition, mixing with vertical movements and taking care not to "crush" the egg white, but to maintain its volume as much as possible.

4. Heat a Teflon or ceramic pan and spray it (2-3 puffs). Add two tablespoons of dough and create small pancakes, leave on each side for 3-4 minutes. In the end, they must be fluffy.

5. Serve cold and sprinkle a little vanilla or cinnamon sauce on them, to taste.

So, try this recipe too diet pancakes with fruits and oatmeal, which will not only delight your taste buds, but will not threaten your diet for which you have worked so hard.

Pancakes with apples or pancakes with carrots

& Icirc & # 539i must:
5 tablespoons f & # 259in & # 259
5 tablespoons mineral water
1 tbsp & # 259 zah & # 259r
1 tablespoon powder and powder
4-5 larger apples
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
In a bowl, mix the flour with the mineral water and the sugar. A composition that is neither too thick nor too thin must be obtained. Peel the apples, cut them into very thin slices and place them in a regular dough. Mix very well, then fry them in oil. Serve them powdered with a little vanilla sugar.

You can use those same ingredients, except for apples, which you replace with carrots, and you will get other delicious pancakes with carrot filling.

Carrots with carrots

& Icirc & # 539i must:
5 tablespoons f & # 259in & # 259
5 tablespoons mineral water
1 tbsp & # 259 zah & # 259r
1 tablespoon powder and powder
5 carrots
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
In a bowl mix the flour with the mineral water and the sugar, a composition that is neither too thick nor too thin should come out. Peel the carrots and grate them on the small grater. Put the oil in a frying pan, add the carrots and sauté in a saucepan. Put the carrots on top of the dough prepared above, mix well and fry the pancakes. Drain them well and put them on a plate to absorb the excess oil. Serve them greased with honey and ground walnuts.

Preparation: 25 minutes Baking: 30 minutes
Re & # 539ete by Dorica Chiribu & # 539 & # 259, loc. R & # 259chi & # 539i, jud. Boto & # 537ani

Enter here and you will find a network of appetizer-appetizers.

American apple pancakes

Peel the apples, cut them into cubes or. Plum cake and sour cream top. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. American apple pancakes are delicious and fluffy. Recipe: 2 eggs, 300 gr flour, 500 gr milk, 20. Olesea Slavinski 4 apples & # 8211 3 eggs & # 8211 3 tablespoons sour cream & # 8211 3 tablespoons semolina & # 8211 3 tablespoons sugar & # 8211 7 grams baking powder.

Gray pudding & # 8211 image 1 big Dessert Recipes, Food Recipes. Pancakes with sweet cottage cheese and sour cream, in the oven, recipe for pancakes au gratin with or without raisins. How to make pancakes in the oven? Mr. Child and his very good new friend Omidé were very pleased. You can buy Omidé as well as other friends of hers from. Fasting pancakes with apples & # 8211 image 1 big Goodies, Sweets, Bread, Cooking. Other ingredients: 100 g breadcrumbs, 2 tbsp.

Pancakes with apricots & # 8211 a sweet and fragrant dessert. You need to get a fluid dough, like a thinner cream. Place another pancake, and apples and so on, until you have exhausted both the pancakes and the apples.

Pancakes with sweet cheese and apples & # 8211 For a quick and tasty breakfast

Pancakes with sweet cheese and apples are delicious. The recipe I use is very simple. Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl, add the grated apple and fry the pancakes. In a maximum of 20 minutes I am ready!


  • 200 gr sweet cheese, 1 large apple
  • 5 tablespoons sugar, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons semolina
  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar, 3 tablespoons flour
  • A pinch of salt, a little cinnamon (to taste)
  • Frying oil

Method of preparation:

Mix the cheese with an egg and 2 tablespoons of semolina. Grate the apple and add it to this mixture. Add sugar, salt and cinnamon.

Gradually, add the flour and knead until you get a firm dough, from which we form the pancakes. Put a pan with oil on the fire, and when the oil heats up, add the pancakes.

Fry the pancakes on both sides until they turn golden. Good appetite and increase cooking!

I recommend you try this apple pancake recipe. It's just as tasty!

You need:

  • 3 medium apples, 30 ml rom
  • 1 tablespoon oil, 50 g sugar
  • 2 medium eggs, 250 ml milk
  • A pinch of salt and 150 g of wheat flour

Method of preparation:

We wash the apples and grate them. Then mix the grated apples with the sugar and rum. In another bowl, beat eggs with salt, then pour the oil. Mix well to combine all the ingredients.

In the bowl with eggs add grated apples, wheat flour and milk. Mix until you get a homogeneous composition. Put a pan with oil on the fire, and when the oil heats up, fry the pancakes on both sides until golden brown. Good appetite and increase cooking!

French apple pancakes

Ingredient topping: 150 ml orange juice, lemon juice, 3 teaspoons brown sugar, 30 g butter, 2 large apples, pitted, thinly sliced, cinnamon.

How to prepare pancakes:

In a bowl, place the flour, vanilla bean and the two eggs. Gradually mix with milk and butter. Heat a non-stick pan and make the pancakes. Keep them on the fire for 1-2 minutes.

How to prepare topping:

In a pan, put the orange juice, lemon, sugar and cinnamon until boiling, then add the butter and apple slices. Serve immediately.

Mere Ingredients In Pajamas:

  • 1 large apple, preferably sour and with a stronger pulp (like granny smith)
  • 1 or
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • about 100-150 ml. of cold milk
  • 20 grams of melted butter
  • 1 tablespoon grated sugar
  • frying oil
  • powdered sugar for finishing
  • optional: cinnamon powder
  • optional: caramel sauce, click on the recipe link

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